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In this step, we will visually explore the elements created in the project. How they behave, how they can be manipulated, what are the applications. In visual identity projects, for example, we're going to unfold from brand signatures to some materials that make sense for that segment. How  the visual system that was built behaves, that's what we are going to find out here. Visual tests, to analyze the result of colors and proportions, necessary in packaging projects or products, are also performed in the Experimentation stage.


The Connection stage exists for people  to know your business. We will understand the company's history, collect business information, strategies and project requirements. In addition, this stage plays a fundamental role in generating involvement and trust among the people involved in the project. For the process, from creation to approval, to occur in a positive way, it needs everyone's effort and commitment. We're going to need to be a team.


The Investigation stage is a deep immersion to find the most coherent approach to the development of the project. Here we are going to absorb the characteristics and specificities of your segment, understand to which public profile we are communicating and what are the values that need to be reflected in the project. We will also analyze references, inspirations and archetypes, to assemble creative moodboards that will guide us in the Creation stage. Here we will connect the company's objectives to what is being developed through a lot of research.

With the team's ideas aligned and the project's approach structured, we move on to the Creation stage. Here we are going to unite the information that was collected in Investigação  with a lot of creativity, and it is from this mix that good insights will emerge. With that, the project demands will be visually translated and an image compatible with the values and purposes of your business, will be built .



The final stage of the project consists of closing the files and organizing them in the most practical and accessible way possible. The technical materials for the project, be they production sheets or brand manuals, will be produced at this stage. We will facilitate the delivery of all materials involved and leave  at your disposal, or that of your team, to use  when necessary. It is the technical documents that will ensure that the consolidated guidelines in the process are respected, thus maintaining the visual integrity of the project.


There is always a period reserved for adjusting the project proposal that was presented. As our process is based on steps that were subsequently validated, there are no major reformulations. We may need to further refine what was created visually. But the objectives that we are going to outline together will guarantee a creative visual construction that is aligned with the values and purposes of the business, which minimizes any adjustments or changes.


Let's understand the specifics of the segmento, which audience profile we are communicating with, which strategies and values need to be translated into the project.

It is the methodology that will guarantee a visual construction compatible with the valuesand purposes of your business.



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UI Design


Clothing, footwear, 

accessories, materials

and prints


Naming and branding

Visual identity

Creative direction

Visual identity

We develop visual identity projects, packaging, illustrations and products for

the fashion area.

All of this within a meticulous methodology, which aligns project requirements with business strategies.

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